when byjus kit deliver during lockdown

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Most of the students are exicted and waiting for their byjus premium kit and always thought when my byjus premium kit delivered during lockdown so guys in this blog I will clear you doubts that when your byjus premium kit deliver safetly at your home.So let’s start

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when byjus premium kit deliver during lockdown

So Guys as you know lockdown maybe exent or not we don’t know what happened.But in this most of the student who buy byjus course they are in very problem that when ourĀ  premium kit delivered.So when I say this word you will be happy that the byjus started their byjus premium kit on 20 april but You need to still wait for 15-20 maximum to get your byjus premium kit as soon as possible.So in this Lockdown don’t worry about the byjus premium kit Your byjus premium kit is delivered safe to your home as soon as possible because in lockdown byjus delivering their premium kit as much as they otherwise if byjus not delivering premium kit so your byjus premium kit will be delivered so much late to deliver at your home.This is the also reason why byjus can’t delivering their byjus premium kit to all student who buy the byjus course because before 20april Most of the student buy byjus course in lockdown becuase school is not opened so that’s why most of the Parents buy byjus course so that their child studies can’t stop then there is a problem on byjus that how can they deliver a huge bulk of byjus premium kit after 20 april to deliver all student so You need to wait just maximum 15-20 days.And after that You will get your byjus premium kit.Till then study in byjus the learning app and also join live classes so keep learning.

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