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How to study in byjus


How to study in byjus:In this blog I tell about how you can study in byjus after buying byjus course. 1}FILL WORKBOOK AFTER COMPLETING NY JOURNEY Most of the student do not fill workbook after compeleting any journey in byjus app.So thats why some topic cannot understamd by the student.Workbook help us that what we […]

Byjus Home Demo Questions

Byjus Home Demo Questions:In this blog I give you a answer to that question that every byjus student mind have while buying byjus course.so lets start first when you use byjus app on your mobile then you need to register in byjus app then you need to enter your number and verify by using OTP.This […]

Byjus summer camp contest 2020


Byjus summer camp contest 2020:Guys be happy because Byjus launches its summer camp contest of 2020 So in this blog I tell you what you want to do to participate the contest,Rules Before Joining The contest and how to submit form And also If you win the contest You will received prizes/Gifts from Byjus. so […]