How to study in byjus

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How to study in byjus:In this blog I tell about how you can study in byjus after buying byjus course.


Most of the student do not fill workbook after compeleting any journey in byjus app.So thats why some topic cannot understamd by the student.Workbook help us that what we have understand the topic just before and remember the topic in our mind for long time[if you don not have workbook so you can call your mentor and asked them to give you a workbook and after that they will send you a workbook in your registered email ID in which you have given the email ID while buying byjus


It is very Important to follow study plan.Study plan help us to get the concept in long term memory because byjus study plan gives you to study in byjus app only for 30 min because if you study 1-2 hour your concept is not clear properly and this is not good for your mind to get the concept after studying 1-2 hours a day thats why byjus study plan say that we can study in byjus app only 30 min to get the concept properly and byjus also gives you a holiday in saturday or sunday.[if you do not have workbook please call to your mentor and asked them to give you a workbook]

NOTE-Byjus study plan gives you a journey in which they written that the journey of your class chapter.Byjus never says that  you can follow only study plan journey that byjus given you.You can follow by replacing byjus study plan journey according to your school


Byjus gives you a practice mode in every chapter so that we can practice more and more.Practices mode provides you a better feature.when you give choose wrong answer on particular question that byjus given byjus automatically


Byjus also provides you to give test on every chapter.You can give test after completing chapter.After giving test byjus gives you all videos that you have given wrong answers while taking test. You can also visit

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