How to Return Byjus course in 2021

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In this blog you will get to know about How to Return Byjus course in 2021✅✅

** When you buy Byjus course some of you like it 😀and
some may not 😒 so for this returning the course becomes the necessity if you doesn’t like it 😖 but first you have an genuine reason for that only in that condition Byjus will get there product back 🔙 and gave you refund .Most important thing you can apply for return under 15 days after that no return will be accepted by them.

** So what Byjus policy says you if u doesn’t like our product within 15 days you can return it but the problem is you have to give a genuine reason for it. And most of the time what happens people say Byjus have done fraud with them because Byjus have not accept there return and the reason is those people don’t have a genuine reason to return the product .
*Now if any student says he/she is not able to study or understood from Byjus course 🙄then it is the most worst reason because Byjus have provided you BYJUS THE LEARNING APP ✅ available in play store and Apple store in which there are same video which here in Byjus course so Byjus gave you an option you can first try that ✅ and if everything is getting understood ✅ then go for Byjus course so don’t gave this reason.
If there is some another genuine reason like financial condition and something else then Byjus can do return 👍👍but it should be an genuine reason ✅

** Now the process of returning first method is mail on
*In the mail mention the details and genuine reason why are you returning ?
*Second method is CALL your mentor and tell him that you want to return your course then they will ask you a reason then tell them and your work will be done ✅🙂


😌😌😌***This blog contain video related to byjus learning and contest related to it ✌️i also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you from each and every information about byjus 🙏🙏so keep supporting me.

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