How to Redeem BYJU’S BNAT Scholarships

How to Redeem BYJU’S BNAT Scholarships:This blog is all about getting scholarship from BNAT( BYJU’S NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST ) after giving exam

** So Result have announced and Many of you are thinking 🤔 that what you do with the percentage you got in BNAT and how you got the scholarship ✅✅

** Most of you have doubt 🧐 that if they have already enrolled but also they have given BNAT exam so will they able to get scholarship No this is for those who was not enrolled so you will not get any scholarships from BNAT after once enrolled ✅

** So here for the students who want to get scholarship from the percentile they got from BNAT . For them you can call on this number ( Imran Alam )- 8303165234
And tell them that you want scholarship and this much percentile or share the pdf of the result of BNAT then they will provide you the scholarship according to the percentage you got ✅✅

** How much scholarship you got?? So they will provide you Byjus course by less your money 💵 now how much money they will less it will depend on your percentile so this is the scholarship ✅✅ they will reduce the course amount for you ✅

** If some of you are thinking that they have scored 50 percent or 90 percent then money will less by half then no😂😂 this not goona happen ✖️✖️

** But this is true as you all know the more your percentile is more off you got in your Byjus course

Hope your all 🧐 doubts are clear now ✅✅

😌😌😌***This blog contain video related to byjus learning and contest related to it ✌️i also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you from each and every information about byjus 🙏🙏so keep supporting me.

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