How to get SSt subject in byjus Premium offline

How to get SSt subject in byjus Premium offline:In this blog i want to tell about the sst subject that byjus recently launched in your byjus premium offline

So Let’s get started ✅✅

* Recently Byju’s have launched SSt subject for class 10 but why it’s doesn’t come in your byju’s premium offline . So the reason behind this is ( why it doesn’t come ) because they have not provided the SSt subject for class 10 in Byju’s premium ✅

*BUT but but they have provided the SSt subject for class 9 students in Byju’s premium offline ✅
9 th class students now can able to study SSt offline in Byju’s premium As like Maths and science .SSt is also a hard subject but if you learn it with all your concept clear it is nothing just a scoring subject Byju’s study make it possible to learn in a easy way to get your SSt subject now .❤️❤️

*Now what you 👍 have to do to get the SST subject first call your mentor if they given it by providing you an update in your SD card 👍 so that fine 😃 but if this doesn’t happen then you tell your mentor that you need SST subject then what they do they will provide you a SD card separately and then you can study your SST subject offline in Byju’s premium just like other subjects .So this is how you can add your SSt subject in Byju’s premium for class 9 th students .It will quite helpful if they have provided SSt subject for 10 class also in Byju’s premium

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