What is Byjus study plan,Imaginarium,Workbook

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What is Byjus study plan,Imaginarium,Workbook:In this blog i will tell you that what is study plan,imaginarium and workbook in byjus and i also tell you how you can get it these from byjus so lets start it.

1]Study plan-In byjus study is helpful for byjus students beacause it helps to plan the study just like your timetable.In a byjus study plan there is given a journey which you need to complete per day.And in study plan there is written that you need to study in byjus just a 30 mins per day not encluded saturday and sunday.This help the students to plan their studies on byjus.

You will get your study plan by asking your mentor and sometimes also byjus will automatically send your study plan per month on your registered gmail id in byjus.[if you don’t know the registered gmail id you can ask then and also update the gmail]

2]IMAGINARIUM-Byjus also provides imaginarium for thier students its helps the students to learn with activity/practical.So you remember the concept forever.And byjus don’t provide you the imaginarium every month.

You can get the imaginarium by calling to your mentor and asked them that you want imaginarum.And sometimes byjus automatically send the imaginarium in the month of october-december.You will given a imaginarium 1 or 2 times depend on the class you studied present

3]WORKBOOK-Workbook is just like a byjus books.It helps the students remember the concept for long times by filling the workbooks.You fill byjus workbook when you are studying in byjus or completingĀ  journey in byjus. So it helps you remeber the concept.

Workbook is provide only for one time from byjus.Most of the times workbooks automatically send your registered gmail in byjus when your academic session started [means new class started]And if you not got the workbook you can ask mentor and ask them to give you a byjus workbooks.

So guys i hope you like my post and if you have any doubts you can comment below and tried to solve your issue/problem


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