how to get byjus birthday gift

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How to get birthday gift from byjus:In this blog I share my experience how I get gifts from byjus and I also survey those students that how they get gifts from byjus so let’s start.

First of all I clear some student doubts that thinking about it in the given points
•Byjus never gave birthday gifts to those students who do not buy the course
•Byjus only gave gifts to those student who buy the course
•We do not make progress in byjus premium app to get the birthday gift
•We do not have to pay money for the byjus birthday gifts.its free of cost
•If we buy tab we do not get the gift alsoSo these are the points that every student thinking and asking.


so let’s go to our point.first when you buy course byjus counselling person fill form in which your name date of birth,address etc you need to fill.And when your tablet came it’s birth date is same as when you give the date of birth while buying can also change the date of birth in byjus premium app.And when your birthday comes you will be received a email from byjus and celebrating you a happy birthday but the email didn’t mention about your birthday gift related. Maybe your mentor also call you and wishing you a very happy birthday.In my survey most of junior children’s mentor call to those student who are junior students.But this not sure that if you are a junior student and you will defenately recieved a call
And maybe they tell about your birthday gift.You maybe also receive message related to your birthday gift.
After this I want to explain you a just an example so that you cannot confuse.

There is a boy whose name is Gaurav and he is a premium user and studied in 9th class and his birthday come in 15th august when his birthday comes.He receive a wishing email from byjus.After that Gaurav thought that he will also get a message related to birthday gift But he didn’t get and He also didn’t receive any call from his mentor.He confused that when I get birthday gift?Does byjus give me birthday gift or not.
So this is a example and I also give you that answer.First of all Gaurav received a wishing email but birthday gift related is not mentioned on that email.So if you received wishing email so don’t scare that you didn’t get gift. You will defenately get the birthday gifts.And if you not get the message/call related to birthday gift then call to your mentor and asked them in tricky method that my friend get the birthday gift why I am not? so your mentor tell that you will get your birthday gift defenately and give you a courier reference number/awb number so that you can track your birthday gifts.Just put the code on any courier website and your tracking information is mentioned in courier website and after 15-20 working days or maybe less than these days (Saturday and Sunday not included)you will get your birthday gift.Your gift maybe a geometry box,byjus if you have any doubts so just say in comment box I defenately solve your problem as soon as possible.You can also watch my video and if you like so like share and subscribe.


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