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**This blog is all about how to ask doubts in Byjus .

** In this blog I will tell you three methods by which you can clear your 🧐 doubts of each subject ✅✅ so if you have taken Byjus premium course and want to clear your doubts then first option 👇
You have to go in Byjus portal for that search in Google then you have to login and after it . Website will ask you for phone no and OTP afer submitting all these details an interface will open on left side of your desktop you will see an option of (Ask a doubt ) you can click on it and choose your subject of which you have doubt simply write your question ask the expert you can also sent them photo of questions If you don’t wat to type or the question is too long after submitting the question *you can check the answers in right side there is a option of previously asked questions you can check ✅ your answers there

** Second method is CALLING SESSION now how can you book a session call your mentor and tell them you want to book a doubt session then they ask you timming whatever time you consider right. You can confirm that timming they will book your doubt session on that timming.
And on that timming they will call you .
*The teachers of Byjus call you they will ask what doubts you have first tell them the name of book and topic or page no of the subject in which you have doubt but the main problem in this is that they only provide you 15 minutes for clearing your doubt 🧐 so the session is only of 15 minutes.

** So third method is Byjus classes for which you have to pay extra money .Above two methods are free for students who have buy premium Byjus course but for Byjus classes you need to pay you can add on Byjus classes in your course it is more easy to clear doubt here 👍
** So for clearing doubt in Byjus classes you have to search in Google
Here you see(Tutor class room ) so it’s also a good way to ask doubt whenever it’s an live class of your here you can ask your doubts
In this you also have an option of personalized class in this you can booked your session whatever topic you want to choose for study you can choose they will make you learn .In Byjus classes they also take your test and from here you can check the topics that will be covered in the test also check for your upcoming classes and practice session in which you can do practice test of each topic for your own revision thats your choice so overall Byjus classes is 👍👍 best and good way to clear doubt so here this is the last method . Hope you find this blog helpful ❤️❤️

😌😌😌***This blog contain video related to byjus learning and contest related to it ✌️i also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you from each and every information about byjus 🙏🙏so keep supporting me.

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