how byjus counselling is taken by byjus counsellor

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how byjus counselling is taken by byjus counsellor:Guys in this blog i tell about how byjus counselling is taken by byjus counsellor so you can completely understand the counselling process so that you can know aboutall the process before buying the byjus course

Let me tell you exactly what happen when you call a Byjus counsellor and what is the exactly Byjus Premium App is:
Lets Start:-
Suppose you have called Imran Sir, first he will ask your name, class, and city. Have you participated for BNAT exams or any competitive exams or not. Then he will provide you the timing for counselling session according to his schedule. He will arrange a counselling session for you online. Make sure your parents should be available there in the meeting with sir. Then he will ask some questionts you related to maths & science. He will check your overall brain development and overall skills development.

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He will ask oral que to check your logics and confindence level, then he will take written test to check your concepts and retention power, then with Brain activity he will check your Thought Process (Sochne ka tarika) during the entire session he will check your psychology that when you are in pressure how you tackle with question and what are the pattern and methodologies you used.
Don’t worry, it Doesn’t matter when your making mistakes, he will try to find your flaws and weakness only and check your approach towards the questions. So that he could provide you the personalized and customized byjus premium course. If you are going from my channel he will provide extra scholarship and free books to you.

So Guys i hope your doubts has been cleared related to counselling process so if you have any doubts you can comment below

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