Discovery school super league Season 4

Discovery school super league Season 4 :This blog is about Dssl ( Discovery School Super League ) so DSSL season- 4 is launched like every year. Many counselors tell you that you will win NASA trip here, well we will make another blog about this next thing is that they will provide a scholarship of Rs5000 don’t think that you will not able to get the scholarship just because you are not that bright even below average student can get the scholarship if you give the test then 100% you will definitely get the scholarship it’s my personal experience. you just have to call Harshit sir – 8989427787 and tell him that you want to redeem the Rs5000 scholarship of Dssl and he will surely redeem it and who are buying a new course. You can put your BNAT percentile scholarship and this RS5000 scholarship together we will get a good discount. last you can also win a free Byjus course the moment you submit your paper they will provide you 2 months free access to Byjus the learning app  80%  of videos in Byjus the learning app is same as Byjus premium so it’s like you are using Byjus premium without tablet.

How To Participate in Dssl

Firstly we have to visit the play store and search Discovery school super league after installing the app we will open it then it will ask you for entering a mobile number and then OTP. So the interface of the app is like in the top left side it displays your name it also contains a list of past winners which is a good thing. At the bottom, there is an option ABOUT Dssl in which you will get all information related to Dssl. There are sample tests, your profile, FAQs, in the MORE option. Now I am back on the home page to start the test. So I have started the test it’s showing me some rules which everyone has to follow like – you can give only one test with one mobile number,  each correct answer carry 4  marks, 20 questions and the time will be 30 minutes, Test will only in English, etc. So I just click on start test and questions are in front of me. After completing the test you will get a congratulatory note on completing the test and also a statement like Use The Code on Byjus The Learning App To avail of a Scholarship of INR5000 you can call Harshit sir he will redeem your scholarship. You will also get a certificate for participating in the test. In the unlock reward section we will see your Rs 5000 scholarship and you can also check the performance like what you have scored in the test.

How to Redeem the code of Dssl

So in unlock reward section you just have to click on claim now below claim your scholarship there is an option then it will verify the code and you will get a screen notification of congratulation and a notice along with that you have activated 60 days of free access to Byjus then after clicking on the claim INR5000 you have to fill your details and then there will be a book counseling session but you don’t have to attend that you can call  Harshit sir – 8989427787and buy this BYjus course in 5000 less .so guys you don’t need to fill any form you can just call Harshit sir to buy the course in 5000 less.

***These blogs contain information related to Byjus learning and contest related to it. I also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you on each and every piece of information about BYJU’S so keep supporting me.

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