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Byjus Vs Vedantu

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Byjus Vs Vedantu:In this blog i will tell you the camparison between byjus and vedantu.Which is most trending learning app and i also tell you about which app is better for you and In the last I will also share you my reccomendation.First of all we will tell about the overview of byjus and vedantu.So let’s start it



  1. In byjus you will get an engaging movies like videos which is best for students to learn with fun
  2. you can also see the performance and take test,practice and find previous year paper.
  3. Byjus have also launches byjus classes where you can attend live classes within 2-3 days a week also gives you a homework and test and practice on byjus classes.Byjus app is personalised for students based on their learning speed which is most important thing to students.
  4. You will also get a premium kit when you buy a byjus course.This premium kit is only given by byjus and not another learning app which you want to buy a course will not give you premium kit except tablet.
  5. You can also choose the online or offline course when you buy a byjus course.
  6. In Byjus you will not get one to one live classes..Where you have only one teachers and only you in live classes
  7. In byjus you can buy any grades/class courses even like-k-3 classes
  8. The cost of byjus is higher than vedantu.

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  1. Vedantu is for online study platform where students can attend live classes and also see recorded live classes which has been missed
  2. Vedant never provides you a conceptional videos or any other videos that another learning app like byjus provides to students.Vedantu only focus on live classes.
  3. Vedantu also gives you one to one classes which byjus does’nt provide you.Where you have only one teachers and only you in live classes but you need to pay more to get one to one feature.
  4.  In Vedantu you can not buy any grades/classes course for ex-k-3 classes.
  5. Vedantu gives you only online course because there is no videos leactures in vedantu all leactures is done in live classes.
  6. The price/cost of vedantu course is lesser than byjus.

So guys at the last its your choice my work is to get all the information of these 2 apps.At last you need to decide which app is better for you to study and buy course.

In my reccomendation you need to choice byjus because byjus will gives you all the features that is extra than vedantu.

NOTE-This is my recommendation its your choice to which learning app for you is better or not for study.




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