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Byjus tutor+ app full information:Many students are confusing that what is byjus tutor+app and do we have to pay money for that,benfits of byjus tutor+ app,what Amount do we have to pay tutor+ app[live classes]. so In this blog i tell the byjus tutor+ app full information so You never confuse So lets start

what is byjus tutor+app

byjus tutor+ app is just like a live classes of byjus where you can attend live classes and sheduled the live classes

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Do we have to pay Money for that

Yes,You need to pay money for that to use and attend the live classes if you already buy a course so you can addon the live classes and if you buy in nowdays so your counsellor automatically tell about the byjus tutor+ app so its your choice if you buy only byjus course so you can buy and if you buy course+live classes so you can also buy

Benefits about tutor+app

You can attend live classes
You can also sheduled your live classes time 2-3 days once a week
You can ask your doubts by clicking raising hands option and the tutor will clear your doubts

what Amount do we have to pay tutor+ app[live classes]

I can not tell the exact prices and disclose also but i can tell you that if you are affordable byjus course so you can also affordable byjus live classes.Byjus live classes amount are depend on the classes you study.Byjus live classes distributed into 2 parts there are 2 days live classes once a week and 3 days live classes once a week.

So guys i hope your doubts has been cleared about byjus tutor+app after reading this so if you have any doubts related to byjus live classes[byjus tutor+] so you can leave a comment so i can clear your doubts

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