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Byjus live classes full information:In this blog I tell about the byjus live classes full information that  start from 2nd April which is free for all students who haven’t buy byjus course so in this blog I will give you full information about byjus live classes And I promise you after reading this blog Your all doubts will be cleared of byjus live classes

There are 2 Byjus live classes.First when you buy course you will also asked by counseller which you want non-live classes or with live classes it’s your choice.And the second one is free live classes which you can see on byjus the learning app on play store.After listening You thought that what is difference between these 2 live chat.Don’t worry I will tell you so free live classes is free but it’s live classes is recorded You can not ask doubts in free live classes.But in second live which you need to buy with byjus course.You will be able to live chat in byjus tutor app where you can scheduled you time and more thing you can do and You can also clear your doubts in byjus tutor app’s live classes. Also read-

Byjus live classes Timetable

So if you buy a course so you can scheduled your  free live classes as you want but there is Timetable You can’t scheduled in byjus live classes.So byjus gives you a timetable every day according to your class just.So there is easy  following steps how you can see your free live classes in byjjus the learning app-:

just install the byjus the learning app after entering number you will go to home and then scroll down you will see byjus live session or you can also click on menu then click free live classes.After clicking you will see when your live classes time when it will start then so you can reserved the live class so when the live classes start you will be get update and byjus also redired you a journey related the live class content  to prepared you well.But also remember that byjus free live classes is recoreded live classses you cannot asked question while live classes you can only watch and learn.


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