Byjus Launched Revision Pack For Class 10th

Byjus Launched Revision Pack For Class 10th:

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**This blog is all about Byjus 10 th class revision pack yes you read it right REVISION PACK βœ…βœ…

**So I am very excited to tell you guys thatπŸ˜€ Byjus have launched A REVISION PACK for class 10 th which is good news for all 10 class student having Byjus course βœ…βœ…

**Now Many of you are thinking πŸ€” from where you can get this revision pack so look you areπŸ‘ studying in class 10 and you have taken Byjus course but you have not taken the 11 th and 12 course in advance then this revision pack will not provided for you this is only for those who have taken courses of 11 and 12 th in advance they can get benifit from this revision pack . βœ…βœ… Hope your doubt is clear this revision pack is only for those student who have 11 th and 12th class in advance .βœ…βœ…

** Those students who have booked in advanced got an email for revision pack and they got there schedule like full April there is a revision classes for 10 th class students in Byjus in which everything will be cover βœ…βœ…

** As you know revision is important no matter how sharp your memory is how smart your brain is everything become clean from mind if you wouldn’t revised anything for a period of a time βœ…βœ… So make sure periodically revised your syllabusπŸ‘πŸ‘

**If any one want to buy the course for class 11 th and 12 th class JEE+ NEET( WITH DISCOUNT )
Can contact on given no πŸ‘€ HARSHIT SIR ⬇️

😌😌😌***This blog contain video related to byjus learning and contest related to it ✌️i also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you from each and every information about byjus πŸ™πŸ™so keep supporting me.

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