Byjus Home Demo Questions

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Byjus Home Demo Questions:In this blog I give you a answer to that question that every byjus student mind have while buying byjus lets start

first when you use byjus app on your mobile then you need to register in byjus app then you need to enter your number and verify by using OTP.This OTP helps in to contact you.

Then some counseilling person call you and say that we are from byjus and we want to take a home demo and said that we also take your child test.then this time you scared and scared.

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First of all dont be panic too much just think like it is a easy test.I will give you a my experience that byjus counseilling person asked to me.And I also share what question asked to me when he take test. And he asked question only science and maths.

NOTE-This question is the example that what question he asked to me.MaybeYour counseilling person also asked another question

So when he/she take test he/she mostly asked question like what is the formula of area of rectangle[just example,you also been asked another formula]then you say L*B.Then he asked how this formula is formed and said your parents that our byjus app does not give the child only formula but also give how the formula formed as well.

and they also asked what you have studied in your whole class from 1st to any class that you have been studied in.So in this way they prefer you a byjus learning app.They also give you a tablet and give you any chapter videos of your class that you are understand or not.

some student also asked question that if we dont want to buy course so what to do.So this is a simple answer you just say that we don not want the course because we cannot understand the chapter in byjus.

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