Byju’s Disney school Super League Full Infomation

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Byju’s Disney school Super League Full Infomation:In this blog i tell will give you the full information of byjus discovery school super let’s start it.


  • It gives you 5000 in byjus wallet which you can avail on while buying Byjus Course.
  • It will gives you to win a trip to NASA and Disneyland.
  • You will also get 3 months free trial on byjus the learning app
  • It also gives you 5 lakh to winning team.


Students must be classes 4th to 10th can participate the Discovery school super league


You can simply download the Discovery school super league from play store and give your details like your mobile number,emil id,address etc.After filling form you will ask to take test.The test have 20 questions which you will have take.After Taking test they will share you access code which you need to paste and go to byjus the learning app and click three lines after that you will see discovery school super league.And afterb that paste the access code and you can use your byjus the learning app for study till last 3 months.You will see scholarship/discount from Discovery school super league to claim.If you click on claim you will redireted to book a counselling session.You need to fill the form and one of the counsellor contact you and they will avail you byjus 5000 off discount on byjus course.You will also get a certificate from byjus.And at the last you will get a result key which you can check your procgress in test.


The category is divided into 3 level which you will need to pass all three levels to get all benefits of discovery school super league.Pass 2 level you will be able to see you on discovery channel etc.

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