Byjus Course Giveaway

Byjus Course Giveaway: CONTEST COURSE OF ClASS FIFTh5️⃣
This video is about BYJU’S Class FIFTh5️⃣ COURSE GIVEAWAY. Its a pure SDCard (course) ☑️ giveaway. Tell everyone about this giveaway so that the needed one can get the benifit ❤️ ……….
➡️ So now what *RULES you have to follow to participated in the giveaway
1. Subscribe my channel gee learning and press the bell icon 🔔
2. Subscribe and press the bell icon of my another channel link is given in discription box ☑️ you can check there (gaurav vlog ) you can see my vlogs there I hope you like them
3. Leave a comment about giveaway How it was .
Result will be declare within one or two weeks Make youself active in community tab I let u know when I came live and declare the result⤵️
*So the question is how I choose the winner whom should I gave this.
➡️ *So what I do I just just pick the random comment which I like and contact that person and handover the course to winner 🏆 And I know that I will gave this to the one who needed this most ❣️
🙏Sorry for the delay but this cousre was with me for 1 month and the expiry date of this course is May 2021. You can share this cousre to your friends, relative and others if you not not using it another can get benifit from it . Video main motive is to educate and spread the value of education here this giveaway is motivation to many children out there . so you can help them even if you don’t have need of this cousre you can participate for them ❣️ join this giveaway .
So do participate in this **GIVEAWAY CONTEST COURSE Of CLASS 5

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