Byjus Classes Vs Tution Classes
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Byjus Classes Vs Tution Classes:In this blog i tell i will campare between tution classes and byjus classes.So lets begin


If we talk about best teachers so students can rarely found the top teachers within 5-10 km whereas Byjus classes You will get Top IIT teachers in Your home without going anywhere.


There is not possible of revison in tution classes whereas in byjus classes you will get unlimited revision in byjus the learning app.You can study anytime and anywhere

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In tution classes you will teaching with chalk and whiteboard where as in byjus classes you will teaches with the visual technology that you can remember and understand for long time.


In tution classes tutor will taught you the topic once and its never be reapeted whereas in byjus classes you will get a personalised extra classes that you can choose


In tution classes we cannot tell your doubts whereas in byjus classes you can ask doubts during the live session


In Tution there is rarely chances that tutor focus you with personal attention whereas in byjus classes you will be given a personal special mentor that gives you all uptodated the child performance


In tution classes teaching chapters are not according to your school they just think to forward the chapter according to school whereas in byjus classes you will get teaches onĀ  school chapters.i byjus classes you need to select bacth of your own schedule and select the topic which followed on your school


In tution classes you need to travel to visit the tution classes and sometimes also pay money for travelling whereas in byjus classes you get your classes in your own home without going anywhere

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