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**In this blog you will get know about byjus bnat preparation tips . So here is topics for the classes 4 to10 . Let’s started the blog .

**For class 4-5

MATHEMATICAL ABILITY -Numerical operation,everyday maths,lines and shapes, Measurements of figures, data handling . These are easily available in your 4,5 class maths book.

-Noun,pronoun,verb, preposition, conjunction, punctuation,tenses,gap filling/ sentence,word meaning. These topics are also available in your English grammar book .

LOGICAL ABILITY -Patterns, mirror images, blood relations, Odd one out ,date and calenders, Directions sense and distances , national and logic based mathematics.
Now these topics you can search online in Google and slove their pdf and questions it will help you

-Plants, Animals ,biology in human welfare,natural resources, society and lifestyle ,Everyday science. This is also easily available in book

** For class 6-7

MATHEMATICAL ABILITY -Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, geometry, mensuration,data handling

-Noun, pronoun, verb preposition, conjunction, punctuation,
Clauses,Model auxiliaries,gap filling/ sentence, dialogue, completion/ framing, sentence or its part – Reordering/ omission, Active and passive voice, Reported speech , tenses , phrases and idioms

LOGICAL ABILITY -Patterns, mirrors/ water images , blood relations ,odd one out , clocks ,Venn diagrams ,dates and calenders , direction sense and distances ,notational and logic based mathematics

-Motion,time and distance, electricity and magnetism, Light : reflection, Mirrors and lenses,heat and temperature, nutrition in plants and animals, Ecology: environment and waste management, everyday science, acids ,base and salts,body movements, Human body : respiration, transportation, reproduction, general chemistry

-Mauryan and Mughal empire , gupta Empire and post gupta period, delhi sultanate, rig Vedic period and iron age , diversity, types of government, equality , public health, universe and solar system, latitudes and longitudes , rotation and revolutions of the earth, domain and landforms of the earth , India- geographical features, climate , vegetation and wildlife, plate tectonics,maps, transport and communication

**for class 8-9

-number system, Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, trigonometry, data science

-Noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, conjunction, punctuation,adverb,
Clauses , model auxiliaries,order of words and clauses ,direct ,indirect and reported speech, active and passive voice phrases and idioms, tenses, gap filling/ sentence, dialogue completion/ framing, sentence or its part- Reordering, deteminers and models

-Patterns, mirrors/ water images, blood relations, ,odd one out speed and distances problem , clocks , Venn diagram, coding- decoding, dates and calenders , direction sense and distances , figure matrics, notational and logi based mathematics

-Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, Light, sound, oscillation and waves ,cell and tissues, natural phenomena, control and coordination, heredity and evolution, microorganisms, crop production and management, matter ,acids, bases, salts ,metals and non metals , periodic classification, natural resources and sources of energy , general chemistry , environmental science

-Indian freedom struggle, india Post – independence, the world wars , French and Russian revolution ,indian constitution and its design / philosophy, democracy, role of gender, religion and caste in democracy , elections and political parties, marginalization and social justice, power sharing and federalism, resources and development,India – geographical features, climate, vegetation and wildlife , reiver system and their classification , agriculture , mineral and energy sources industries

** For class 10

Algebra, statistics and probability, mensuration, trigonometry,data science

-verb tenses, modals, subject- verb concord, reported speech, determiners, clauses, use of passive voice , preposition , article , subject verb agreement, parajumbles, syllogism, para completion, work usage

-patterns,mirror/ water images , blood relations, odd one out, speed and distance problem, clocks , Venn diagrams, coding -decoding, dates and calenders, direction sense and distances , figure matrics ,notational and logic based mathematics

-Electrostatics and magnetism, optics, natural resources, life processes in plants and animals , ecology, chemical reaction, equation , acids, bases and salts ,metals and non- metals, carbon and its compounds , periodic classification of elements

-Federalism, social problems, social movements, political parties, outcomes and challenges to democracy, agriculture, resources and their development, industries, transport and communication, world events, independent movement, economic and social history, globalisation and the Indian economy money and credit , consumer rights

**Tips for the exam❤️

*Firstly your main focus should be the maths , science, EVs, social science ,verbal ability revised it first you will definitely got 90 percent here for scoring more then this you can go for logical ability also which is available in Google .

* Second tip is try to manage the time don’t stuck at any question which you don’t know first solve those questions which you know then go for remaining questions❓

* Stay calm during exam
Set youself half an hour before exam so that u don’t mess up and plzz use your laptop for exam if you use your phone for exam by chance someones calls you then your exam will be submitted itself at that moment it will create a problem for you .

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