Benefits of byju’s

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Benefits of byjus:In this blog i tell about the byjus benefits that can helps your study and get your performance better and better.So lets start it.


When we talk about byjus benefits we first know about why we need byjus course.So these are the points that why we choose byjus.

  • Byjus the learning app is world one of the best edutech comapany and also loved by school students.
  • 50 Million  registered and  Download the byjus the learning app and out of 3.5 million students buy thye byjus course.
  • It is in 1701+cities in worldwide
  • The average time students spend on byjus the learning app is 71 minute
  • Byjus rating is 4.7 out of 5
  • 1000s review give by their happy students.
  • You can choose any grades in byjus which you want to buy course even k-3 classes


  • in byjus You can access 50k of test,video,interactive lessons and much more.
  • In byjus you will get a personalised journey which is based on your learning speed.That will help to indentify the concept and improve the weaker strenght whwich topic/concept is difficult for you.
  • Here You will gives ulimited practice,tests,and your in-depth anaylises where you can check your perfomance
  • In byjus you will ask an  intractive questions  after completing every concept which will helps you to remember the topic for long time.
  • You can see engaging and movie like videos which made your learning with fun.
  • You will also get free live classes and premium live classes[which you have to pay money]and also ask doubts in byjus premium live classes.
  • You will also get a mentor that will guide you about the byjus the learning app and see your performance and also solved all your problem about byjus.
  • You will also get previous years paper and revision pdf which is on byjus portal where youn can download the revision and also download previous year paper as well as sample paper.

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