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This blog is all about how to change byjus mentor ✅✅ .

** So guys when you buy Byjus premium course and after that it comes to you then Byjus assign a mentor for you .👍👍

** Now the role of mentor is very important for make the learning of student more effective
in Byjus premium or byjus the learning app ✅ so their main work is to mentoring ✅
*But sometime some students complain that their mentor is not receiving the calls after calling many time when they need help or have some queries ✅ and some complaint about that their mentor doesn’t talk in a friendly manner talk with them in a rude manner. so in this case they want to change their mentor

** Now here I will tell you in this blog how can you change your mentor 👍so as you have decided and make your mind that you want your mentor change then it will be change if you have an genuine reason . Mentor will surely change if that reason is genuine and valid .✅👍
*So mail on 💌
And tell them what problem you are facing with your mentor if your mentor have talks you in a abusive language and whatever the genuine reason behind the changing of mentor mention that reason ✅✅
In the end of the mail mention the
and then mail it .

** When Byjus received your email they will take an action against your mentor they will ✔️ check all call recording between you and your mentor to investigate the truth✅✅ that whatever you have said to them is right or not if it is in against your favour then Byjus can also take a big action against you and if it is in your favour then your mentor will be changed 👍👍 ✅✅ and they will assign you a new mentor after some days👍👍

😌😌😌***This blog contain video related to byjus learning and contest related to it ✌️i also try my level best to solve the problems many of you are facing during the course and update you from each and every information about byjus 🙏🙏so keep supporting me.

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